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President / CEO of Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. Gave Opening Speech at The Economic Conference 2021

President / CEO of Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. Gave Opening Speech at The Economic Conference 2021

According to all specialists joining the Business Opportunity 2021 conference, 2021 is a great opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to make the digital transformation, innovating, and developing strongly. Hanoi Young Business Association (HanoiBA) had brought up the Business Opportunity 2021 Conference on Jan 16th in Hanoi. The conference welcomed a list of popular economic specialists, businessmen, and businesswomen.​

Ông Trần Đăng Nam - Phó chủ tịch Thường trực HanoiBA phát biểu khai mạc tọa đàm. Ảnh: HanoiBA.


“In danger lies opportunity, besides the dark, we still see the light. Many enterprises showed up their impressive growth in 2020. Vietnam, with a great effort, has become one of rare positive economic growth in the world”, cited by Victor Tran (Mr.) – President/CEO of Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. cum Permanent Vice Chairman of HanoiBA. “Potential” and “Opportunity” are keywords of the conference where all ex-pats shared their experiences and lessons to maintain and develop business in 2021.

Professor - Dr. Tran Tho Dat - Member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Group cum Chairman of National Economics University Council - pointed that, 2021 will be expected as a breakthrough year for the Vietnamese economy. Professor Dat also added that international organizations are forecasting that Vietnam can grow 6-6.8% as before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, enterprises are playing an important role to achieve that growth. "In 2021, the Government's objective is very clear to maintain low-interest rates. The Government is also determined to improve the business environment and competitiveness. Institutions are the limitless resources that can be exploited by all enterprises", Professor Dat said.

Also, the business representatives participating in the conference gave a general picture of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impacts in the past year and pointed out the opportunities and threats of Vietnamese enterprises entering the market in 2021.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phu - Chairman of Sunhouse Group Joint Stock Company, said that 2021 is a good year for the business community, to develop and to "erase and restart".

"For those who are unprepared, it will be difficult, but you will see the reason to “erase and restart”. Renovating is sometimes better. For those who are well-prepared, this is the best time to make money," said Mr. Phu.

Mr. Pham Thanh Hung - Vice Chairman of Century Group (Cengroup) also said that 2021 will be the year for businesses to "load" their weapons.

"Proactively preparing resources, preparing to fight, to attack or pull the trigger. We must always be ready, proactive with both objective and subjective factors. Crisis always comes with the same opportunity. It is like the F1 race, only passing each other in the bend, good steering or not will decide success", Mr. Hung affirmed.

To overcome risks and seize opportunities, Ms. Do Thi Thu Ha - Deputy General Director in charge of Hanoi office KPMG Co., Ltd. said that opportunities are still greater for Vietnamese businesses. However, to seize the opportunity and rise, businesses need to well implement the 5R strategy, including solving problems: Respond, Resilience, Reinvent, Restructure, and Recover.

Experts also said that Covid-19 caused businesses to transform in all aspects. However, it is also a good opportunity for new businesses to operate more flexibly with digital technology as this is the most effective tool.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hoang - Vice Chairman of MISA Joint Stock Company, said that the pandemic caused businesses to transform, including services, products, and methods. For a business that wants to operate flexibly, the owners must capture the information of their business fastest, wherever they are. Thereby, quickly making a timely decision.

"In the past, we had to meet our customers in person, which is very difficult as customers may locate in variable regions. As a result, we had to rent space and pay high costs. But because of Covid- 19, we switched to the online meeting, which can reach thousands of customers at the same time, the cost is greatly reduced but the efficiency increases ten times ", Mr. Hoang shared.

Talking about the efficiency of digital transformation, Mr. Le Tri Thong - General Director of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ) agreed that the jewelry market decreased by 26% in 2020 but PNJ increased by 12%. , the key to success is the digital transformation.

"We had a great transition before Covid-19 and we are constantly refreshing. In other words, if we want to go upstream, we need a different engine, it is a digital engine," said Mr. Thong.

Ban lãnh đạo HanoiBA nhận Cờ xuất sắc của Hội Liên hiệp Thanh niên TP Hà Nội. Ảnh: HanoiBA.


Source: Vũ Khánh – Vnexpress

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