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About us

Words from Our CEO
Victor Tran

Dear valued clients, partners, and colleagues,

I always consider Logistics as a very interesting industry field, because of its history and its role in the world. Maybe a few of us have known about the long story of Logistics’ formation and development, and the word “Logistics” itself originated from the Army (which implies the responsibility of ensuring the resource supply and allocation, so that soldiers could move forward efficiently). It’s such a magical journey, from a mission of military food and weapon distribution to becoming an essential piece of the worldwide supply chain puzzle!

That journey is our biggest inspiration to build up Dolphin Sea Air Services Corporation, together with the dolphin’s good characteristics (Speedy/ Enthusiastic, Full Devotion, Team Spirit, Flexible/ Timely Adaptive, Friendly & Willing To Help). I and my team have set up the company on a base of pride, creativity inspiration & internal force maximization to ensure that our clients are always served beyond expectations. With the mission of becoming the top freight forwarding company in Vietnam, from a group of several dozen employers in 2008, currently, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corporation has become an organization of over 200 professionals and achieved many local and international awards. In the massively competitive edge, we are aware that to be active and to keep researching new methods to satisfy our customers are the only survivor way.

At Dolphin, we always appreciate ideas that can create social values, positive thinking methods, a passion for contribution, a “service heart” and a strong belief in being the best one who can satisfy clients. This credo is depicted in not only our customer or award list but also in our current “invisible assets”. We have been applying modern technology to business operations successfully and owning a dream team of well-trained staff who keep continuously updating market knowledge to ensure providing logistics services of the highest quality.

Logistics and supply chain management is never an easy story to be told. But these stories are always the most attractive ones, which were written by us and our partners all over the world following the dolphin’s spirit. Just like my favorite quote from James M. Cox, “Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician”, the way that logistics is used to going along with world history is exactly what we should expect in the present and the future, and even more than we can imagine.

While creating our slogan “Speedy with best care”, I and my team tried to make a slogan that not only is for cheering simply but also describes our capability in the most exact way. Finally, I strongly hope that our valued clients and partners will make your support bigger and bigger, and Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. will develop more and more strongly. Thank you, our clients, and partners for putting your trust in us. And also thank you, my Dolphin team, for your valuable contribution.

Victor Tran

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Aiming at sustainable development in the long future, we always head towards the VISION to become the top freight forwarding company in Vietnam providing customers with a comprehensive chain of logistics service solutions.


Undertaking the MISSION of speedy and devoted dolphins, we commit to providing clients and partners with exceptional and professional service fulfilled with our love and responsibility.

Vision and Mission Vision and Mission

Our Core Values

Our Core Values
Speedy Enthusias- tic
This is the most important value which appears in every business activity, especially in Logistics service
This is the most important factor with all service providers, especially in front-offices as they always have direct interactions with customers
Willing to help
Dolphin's team is always willing to give a hand, not only with clients, colleagues but also with anyone who needs help
Flexible - Timely Adaptive
Problems can occur anytime so our team needs to be flexible and timely adaptive to solve all problems and minimize unexpected results
Team Spirit
In nature, dolphins live in groups. Following that spirit, solidarity, teamwork, and supporting attitude are appreciated in our company
Full Devotion
Dolphin's team contributes our full devotion to customers, colleagues, and the organization

Our Slogan

"Speedy With Best Care"
Following the dolphin's spirit and our six core values, the Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp's team always try our best to provide shipping solutions with highest speed and the best service quality.

Our Management Team

Our History

10th Jan, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp was established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with a specialization in Consolidation, Sea Air Combined Transportation, NVOCC, SOC etc.
Hanoi Branch was established
The company focus is shifted from consolidation to full freight forwarding services. 27th October, Hai Phong branch & Danang Representative Office were opened.
Set up Representative Offices in Thai Nguyen (an industrial hub in Northern Highland of Vietnam), Nam Dinh, Nha Trang, Binh Duong
Set up Bac Ninh Representative Office
Set up Representative Offices in Bac Giang, Quang Ngai, Hai Duong
Set up Ha Nam Representative Office
Set up Vung Tau Representative Office
Set up Danang Branch Office