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This is a unique program that the Board of Directors had created to express their gratitude to core managers – who are indispensable factors that have always accompanied the company throughout the years. The program was prepared with all the dedication and love from the organizing committee with the hope that our core team would enjoy the thrills and joys when going on this journey together, bonding and experiencing the specialties and culture of the ancient capital.

With a desire to bring the best service experience to each of our colleagues, activities throughout the program were prepared by the organizing committee with love through the message:

Our destination is not a land,

but a new way of looking at “Dolphin’s Service and Culture”

Looking at the checklist of hundreds of items, you can see how carefully the organization committee has prepared, right?

Each secret letter with its own message was revealed every week, making not only the participants of the program but all employees very eager to follow the journey of outstanding warriors in Hue.

Hue Travelling Handbook is a special "gift" that the organization committee sent to our members. Each page of the manual carried carefully selected and extremely useful information: what to bring, outfits for each day, weather forecast, travel tips, Hue gifts, etc. Our organizing committee was very thoughtful in providing the trip information from A - Z, making everyone surprised by such a considerate gift.



The Dolphin Amazing Team shirt is the second gift that the CEO gave to 38 participating warriors. The shirt with a white-blue tone - Dolphin's trademark was made of cotton and was tailored according to each person’s measurement. All members showed great appreciation for the gift and felt very proud wearing the Dolphin Amazing Team shirt.

After the ceremony at Tu Hieu Pagoda - one of the most sacred pagodas in Hue City, our group had lunch at a restaurant and was surprised to open the hotel room and found a card with a lovely chocolate box and a team shirt. This evoked a lot of appreciation for Dolphin’s leadership culture and our president/CEO Tran Dang Nam- a talented, sincere, and caring leader.

On the afternoon of the first day, the Board of Directors and key personnel had enjoyed every moment, leaving behind the worries of work to join the exciting race in Hue City. This is a very special journey because 38 warriors had to travel by bicycle through famous monuments: Hue Citadel, Dong Ba market, etc. to overcome each race challenge. The journey of more than 10 km has helped unite the spirit of 38 warriors through challenges associated with Dolphin’s 6 Core Values: Speedy - Enthusiastic, Friendly, Willing to help, Flexible – Time Adaptive, Team spirit, and Full Devotion.





At the end of the race to discover the ancient capital of Hue, surely all of our warriors felt delighted and surprised to understand each other better. The important thing is not only the spirit of solidarity in work but also the realization of the key goals, which is preparing for the 15th company establishment anniversary.

Listening to Hue folk songs on the Huong River cruise is a time for all warriors to rest, relax and socialize. All members participating in the program got the chance to wear ancient Hue royal costumes, enjoy Hue cuisine and listen to Hue royal music.

After a day of experience with a lot of emotions, 38 warriors continued to enter the second day with many challenges from the organization committee. During the OKR Meeting For The First 6 Months Of The Year, The Goals For The Last 6 Months Of 2022, And The Kick-Off Program To Celebrate The 15th Anniversary Of Dolphin's Establishment, many case-solving exercises and questions for business, culture, and services development were brought up. 38 creative warriors were required to find solutions to expand the business, improve customer service, develop corporate culture, etc.





The kick-off ceremony for a series of programs to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Dolphin's establishment had set many goals:

• Training and improving Customer Service

• Developing Corporate Culture

• Nationwide business emulation

• CSR, Sports, and Culture Program

The flag signing ceremony was very unique in the "history" of Dolphin's formation and development. This was a new ceremony that showed the commitment of 38 warriors. We were determined to complete the goals for the latter half of the year, gradually overcoming challenges to realize our vision. With determination, a pioneering spirit, and a desire for innovation, our team of "warriors" who are always enthusiastic and flexible will make 2022 a remarkable milestone in our journey, making the brand Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. a strong competitor in the market, ready for opportunities and thrive to success.

The Gala night named Royal Party is a special mark in the Dolphin Amazing Team journey. To go with the European Royal concept, the organization committee has meticulously selected from cups, plates, bowls, and decorations such as candles, flowers, etc. to music, a symphony orchestra with legendary European songs. The warriors dressed in black & gold immersed themselves in a cozy venue with exciting activities besides their beloved teammates.






We ended the 3 days 2 nights journey of the Dolphin Amazing Team with a lot of meaningful experiences integrated with 3 messages: Improving customer service, Developing a corporate culture, and Connecting strength to reach success. In addition, solidarity and commitment were the most successful factors of the program, which will reinforce the motivation for the warriors’ spirit to work together to achieve our goal. We will maintain our position and affirm the stature of the leading brand in the Logistics market, especially when Dolphin Sea Air is about to reach 15 years anniversary.

Let's take a look at the meaningful activities on this trip!

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