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Surprisingly in the top 100 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. shows the great potential of Vietnamese Logistics.

Surprisingly in the top 100 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. shows the great potential of Vietnamese Logistics.

Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. was honored to appear in the list of 100 fastest-growing Vietnamese enterprises, which belongs to the FAST500 ranking - announced by VietnamNet on March 10, 2021.

Being one of the most reputable business charts, FAST500 - Ranking of 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam - based on results of independent research and evaluation according to international standards of Vietnam Report, periodically published since 2011 by VietnamNet Newspaper - Ministry Information and Communication, with the advice of experts, the advisory council in Vietnam as well as abroad. With the mission of finding, honoring, and promoting businesses with the fastest revenue growth rates and stable performance - “rising stars” of the Vietnamese economy, FAST500 has attracted great support from the home business community, as well as become a prestigious name protected by one of the leading electronic newspapers at present: VietnamNet.

Although this is the first participation, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. has surpassed many big names, honored to be in the top 100 leading enterprises of the FAST500 chart. As a logistics company specializing in providing comprehensive logistics services, including sea-air-road transport concentrating in import and export cargos, LCL consolidation, and customs brokerage, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. has shown its great potential in Logistics field particularly and the Vietnamese economy generally.

Talking about this, Mr. Victor Tran - President/CEO of Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. cited that: Passing the strict criteria of FAST500 to appear in the top 100 Vietnamese enterprises with the fastest growth rates today is a great pride and motivation for our team. This is still not the highest rating we can achieve, because Dolphin Sea Air will have many important changes this year, like expanding the market share, improving service quality, and develop new service types to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers. 2020 is a challenging year for the world economy, the unexpected emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic poses unprecedented problems, especially for entrepreneurs. But with great effort, agile adaptation, enterprises like Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. still flourished, even being a storm shield for the homeland economy.

It has not been an easy journey, but we are extremely optimistic and continue to set even higher goals to pursue. Service quality will be the top priority of 2021, besides business development. I always tell my staff that we may be a Vietnamese business, but we need to try to approach professional style and international standards - Mr. Victor shared. The determination and optimistic spirit always help entrepreneurs to achieve even better results in the new year of the Ox.

With Dolphin development potential, with the right direction of the Board of Directors, with the spirit of solidarity - sticking to the core values ​​of Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. employees, we are sure to witness the Dolphin warriors conquered even higher rankings in the FAST500 rankings in particular and in the market in general.

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