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Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. joined AVSE Webinar program focusing on Logistics during the Covid-19 pandemic

Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. joined AVSE Webinar program focusing on Logistics during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 epidemic put a significant impact on logistics businesses due to the fragmentation of global supply chain. However, a pandemic can also be considered as the opportunity for businesses to "transform". This is the right time for us to look back at the service platforms of the logistics businesses and seek for improvements.

On December 5, 2020, at 12:30 Vietnam time (6:30 Paris time), Mr. Victor Tran - President/ CEO of Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. has participated in the Webinar: "Covid Endgame: Time for Vietnam to grow internal forces in its domestic logistics?", which were organized by the renowned AVSE. The Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global) was founded in May 2011 with the main purpose of connecting intellectual sources in a systematical way to identify ideas, strategies, and implementation in all fields of science and techniques in foreign countries and at the same time orient to make contribution to the development of Vietnam.

At this Webinar, the speakers debated and gave their speech on 03 main topics:

  1. Logistic post COVID Outlook: Good time to adapt?
  2. EVFTA or RCEP: our readiness?
  3. Suggested policies to supports logistics and SMEs in logistics industry?

The first and second topics were organized in the Debate format. During more than 02 hours of the Webinar, the attendees had the opportunity to witness extremely interesting debates. The speakers also gave useful suggestions for Government policies. With the participation of famous speakers, who are also businessmen or experts with profound knowledge about the Logistics industry in particular and the Vietnamese economy in general, the Webinar session has attracted the attention of many audiences.

With 83% of agreeing votes in session I and 58% of agreeing votes in session II, Victor and his side speakers won much support in their two debate sessions. Through AVSE's Webinar #4, a clear, bright, opportunity-filled picture will be opened up for the Logistics industry in the special context of 2020.

You can watch this Webinar at:https://fb.watch/2dghsSWQxg/ 


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