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The time of 15 years in a person's life is just a new beginning, but for a business, those 15 years are a long journey with plenty of changes, developments, difficulties, and challenges. Starting as a small office with just more than 10 employees that specialized in consolidation LCL service, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corporation is now a well-rounded logistics provider for domestic as well as overseas import-export enterprises with 18 branches alongside representative offices covering all over Vietnam’s major cities and industrial areas under the operation of a staff of approximately 300 experienced and highly-skilled people. 

Accumulating to 2022, after 14 years in the run, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. from a small and medium-sized enterprise, with great effort and rapid development is soon to become a large business with revenue reaching over 3000 billion Vietnam Dong. Dolphin has also become a member of highly reputable and creditable networks such as IATA and FIATA and received prestigious awards such as: “Top 100 fastest growing enterprises of Vietnam FAST500”, “Top 500 Vietnam largest private enterprises VNR500”, “Top 100 Golden Star Award”, etc.

That significant number of achievements is built from the determination, solidarity, and unity of the Dolphin Sea Air staff – the people who are not afraid of hardships and challenges and together build up the whole system. Coming to a new era of development, Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. is thriving even closer to the mission of: “Becoming a top-forwarding company in Vietnam.” The motto: “Light up the warrior spirits” is exclusively chosen for this 15th anniversary of establishment which indicates the desire that: all Dolphin staff members together will light up the passion for the work, reinforce the spirits of resilient warriors and unite with colleagues.” 

With great pride and determination, a series of special events celebrating 15 years in the business of Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. is going to take place from 1st July 2022 to 30th June 2023 with main activities such as:

  1. I love Dolphin
  2. Upgrading customer service quality
  3. Developing a corporate culture and core values
  4. CSR, sports events, and cultural events
  5. Business competition 
  6. A grand ceremony to celebrate the 15th anniversary

All of the above activities are meticulously calculated and organized aiming at the beautiful purpose of this remarkable journey. That is “Upgrading service quality” – “Attaching importance to corporate culture” to UNITE more substantial POWER and EXTEND further SUCCESS.

The program for this 15th anniversary of Dolphin Sea Air Services Corp. has officially been kicked off on July 1st, 2022 by the Board of Directors. 

Currently, all activities are occurring, being prepared in process, and attracting the attention of all employees in the whole system.

Hopefully, the program which is meaningful and packed with so many beliefs of the Board of Directors, shareholders, and staff will proceed smoothly. After this milestone, the ship named Dolphin Sea Air Corp. will receive more wind for its sail and is ready for the big oceans.

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